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Downloading XWT

Getting the XWT Core

The XWT Core, also referred to as the XWT Engine, is needed to run XWT applications.

If you have already run an application, there is no need for you to download the XWT Core as it will already be available on your computer.

In Windows NT, 2000, and XP it can be found in "WINNT\Downloaded Programs".

On Linux it can be found in "~/.xwt/".

If you have not been able to run XWT through the launcher, or are looking for a development versions, or just want to download XWT manually, binaries and development snapshots can be found here.

Getting the XWT Widget set

The widget set is just an xwar, a set of XWT files. Download the latest sampler version from here.

Documentation can be found within the widget xwt files. Check back to xwt.org regularly for updates on tutorials and howtos, as well as updates to the widget set.

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