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XWT Sampler

The XWT widget sampler demonstrates some of the widgets you can build with XWT. In addition to the usual scrollbars, sliders, edit boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, menus, and trees, the sampler also demonstrates XWT's ability to interact with the host operating system's clipboard and window manager.

The transparency tab demonstrates XWT's built-in alpha blending, and the last tab contains the beginnings of a spreadsheet implemented in XWT.

The sampler will soon be updated to include a Linux theme (GNOME/GTK) accessible through XWT's on-the-fly theme switching.

Click here to launch the XWT Sampler.

XWT Itunes Lookalike

XWT iTunes lookalike it a little program that allows you to remotely access an iTunes music library. It presents an interface similar to iTunes for browsing the library and relies on a local mp3 player capable of streaming over http (winamp, xmms, etc) to actually play the music.

More information about the iTunes lookalike is available on the wiki page XWTiTunesLookalike.

Benshaw Canada Quote System

Description forthcoming

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